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Do you remember that time,
Way back when,
We would smile at the sight of each other,
And laugh in the sunshine?

Do you remember that day,
Sat in the middle of a city,
Yet we were completely alone,
Sat in our corner?
Where you bullied me for a while,
Used me as target practice,
Pinged elastic bobbles at me,
Laughing at my squeaks.

Remember the day,
That it poured with rain,
And i stuck my head under a waterfall?
Though you told me not too...
Then you hugged me when i realised,
That you were right,
And I was cold.

Do you remember the time,
We sat shivering under a ledge,
Till the rain stopped.
The ledge where you flipped your coin,
To find out if you were mine,
Or I yours?
Then those two people,
Came and sat near by,
They ruined the moment,
But hey,
They couldn't ruin us.

Do you remember running around the parking lot of Afflecks?
Running away from the security guards?
We found a quiet place,
And you held me close,
Like you truly cared,
And I honestly couldn't have been happier.

I remember the time,
I said I love you.
And you said I love you too.
And we argued about who said it first,
Was it me,
Or was it you.

I don't know if you do,
But I certainly can,
Remember the time you first kissed me,
And wrapped your arms around me,
Like I was the only one that mattered.

It's funny how such happy memories,
When they become the past and are looked back on,
Do nothing but fill one with sorrow.
For our time ended before it had really begun,
I'm sorry to say,
I miss you,
I miss your kisses,
And your sweet words.
I miss the good times,
I miss the smiles.

Sometimes happy memories,
Are the saddest thing of all.
A poem about my ex-boyfriend...
Uploaded by :iconfreakofnaturex:
Written by :iconjetblackheartxxx:


A beautiful work that captures emotions in a very heartwrehching way. Happy Memories... the title has a way with words. It doesn't hint to the reader whether the work will be a happy one or a sad one.

I love the stanza's and the forms that you have chosen. The examples that you have are relatable and even for one who hasn't experienced such moments (like me) can still feel the beauty of the moments. The moments are also breathtaking since they are in essence simple. They don't involve any deep thought or perhaps some promise about catching grenades. They are sweet and realistic memories.

But then that is the way you end it... happy memories... they turn up turning into ones worst night mares. It is sad but that is the way it is. After all it is said that when one grows old, they laugh over sad times and cry over happy ones.

Or another way to put it is:
Tears and smiles,
return after whiles.
They're unlike yet so near,
for your smiles spell my tears"

Well enough with the phlosophy. I fund the work wonderful and the ending... though sad is one that is a truth of life. Sad but... happens.
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Dearlybeloved-93 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sometimes I wish people couldn't have good times in relationships that came to an end...
idk, it's so much harder to not want that time back...
but yeah, it makes you grow I guess

beautiful poem :heart:
TheOneFallenAngel Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Love Your Poetry Hun. :iconbeatingheartplz::iconbackhug::iconbeatingheartplz:
DeadSkarlett Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
:huggle: well written
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