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About Literature / Student Sophia Ley AshworthFemale/United Kingdom Groups :iconthe-unheard-poets: The-Unheard-Poets
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This is my latest work! I write poems, i draw, colour, paint, take photo's, write stories...I am a very busy bee! To view ma gallery (YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO ;))Just click below!



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I know this is a large amount, but i'm all about helping people. And that is what this is. Yeah, it says i have 332 points, but i don't. I'm constantly giving points away to people who need it, giving cake badges for birthdays. I need the points, not only to give away, but to also buy premiums for people who deserve it SO much.
My premium was bought for me by :iconicequeenazure: She bought me one even before herself, and now she's not here. She's left DA, probably from the look of it, to never return. I made her a promise when she gave me this premium. That i would use the poll to give to people. To give points, and premiums to artists who need them. Your points will go to a good cause :heart: No matter what the amount, i will give you a watch, and 3 llama's(unless i have already given you a llama via one of my accounts, in which case i will give you as many as i can with the accounts i have.) So please, please, donate :heart:

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JetBlackHeartxxx's Profile Picture
Sophia Ley Ashworth
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Oh hai der c:

So, I'm from the Manchester area of England. That's the North-west part of England by the way c:
Send me a message guessing my age, go on ;3

On the 06/12/12 I lost my best friend of 15 years. 2 days after my birthday. I love her, and i will never forget her. She got me through some tough times and you will probably see mentioned of her throughout my DA.
R.I.P Charlotte(Charlie) Mary-Anne Hazel I love you.

My nicknames vary. My most common is Blackheart, Jet BlackHeart ;D My older friends know me as Mikey though, from Mikey Way (ex-My Chemical Romance, had glasses, awkward knees, nerd and wore beanies, like me.)

I'm a writer mostly, but I dabble in a bit of everything. Digital art, comic books, traditional art, poetry, stories ect. I am a musician, and I can play bass guitar, normal guitar, and piano. My main thing to post is poetry! :heart:
I'm founder of a few groups, namely:
:iconthe-unheard-poets: (Poetry)
:iconthe-unseen-artists: (All art welcome)
:iconflyingllamareligion: (A religion based on the flying llama:… )
I'm admin of a few groups too:
:iconpoem-forthe-poemless: (Poetry)
:iconartist-platform: (All art welcome)
:iconthe-voices-within: (All art, mostly poetry though)
:icons-h-support: (In support of self harm)

I help people. Anywhere, with anything. Often when a person is feeling down, I'll be there to help. But, if you dont feel like talking to me, here's some links to go to which might cheer you on a day that's just not going your way :heart:

If you ever feel disgruntled(It means sad or moody) go here:

If you ever feel stressed, or like it's all getting on top of you, go here:…

If you ever want everything to be okay, go here:

If you ever need a hug, go here:

If you ever need to calm down due to stress or anger or anxiety, go here:

If you're ever feeling down and need a smile, go here:

If you're ever forgetting why hope is important and why smiling is important , go here:…

If you're ever feeling shitty about yourself, go here:…

I hope these help with your day :heart:

MCRmy for ever :heart:

I like brains....

BOO :iconboooplz: I'mma ghost c: wooooooo :iconwooooplz:

I'm bisexual, incase any of you wonder c: Came out of the closet on Valentines day of 2012 for my first girlfriend as a valentines gift as I couldn't be with her that day and I wanted to show her I was fully committed to her. Shame she dumped me a few weeks later eh? :') I've been with 2 girls in a proper relationship, both ended badly, though i am still friends with both. Been in a relationship with 4 guys over the past 4 years. I am currently single c:

I'm against homophobia, stereotypism and any kind of judgement without proper cause.

HOMOPHOBIAS GAY!!!! ~ Frank Iero :iconfrankieroapprovesplz:

I love llamas! :iconllama3dplz::iconllamajumpplz: PLZ GIVE MEH LLAMA'S :heart:

This is my new account, i used to be :iconshadowpook:

:icontheonefallenangel: has given me a trophy as I proved I cared more!!! With my equation :iconloveyouplz: x Kurt Cobain x Chuck Norris x Jimi Hendrix x Jim Morrison to the power of Kurt Cobain + Chuck Norris + Jimi Hendrix + Jim Morrison. So I won!! :D I got a trophy too, look! It's so pwetty *-* :icontrophyplz:

By the way, if I call you my love it is just what i call my watchers! Don't be scared, i'm not admitting my undying love ;3


Facebook:… If you add me on here, send me a message with your username in it so i know who you are, otherwise, you will get rejected. Sorry. :heart:

Tumblr (Dark):

Tumblr (Happy): ifyourehappyandyouknowitsmile.…

Well, that's all! If you want to know more, just note me and ask c:


Love from,
  • Listening to: Secondhand Serenade
Hello my loves :heart:

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan do I suck.

I love the fact that I'm still getting watches and favourites though. I haven't posted any work in AGES but damn people still favourite my stuff that's a great feeling.

Unfortunately my life has gone down hill a bit. I was off the internet for three weeks as per doctors instructions, I was only allowed back on last thursday. My depression gotten alot worse but I'm fighting through. I've also been diagnosed with something much worse that's been a shock on me. Turns out, I have schizophrenia. I don't know how to quite explain it to you, if you don't know what it means. Some of it's symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking and speech, easily losing train of thought, social withdrawal, loss of motivation and judgement, having difficulty making emotional connections, paranioa, severe depression, anxiety, difficulties with long term memory and attention.

I know alot of that doesn't really sound like me, but that's because as my doctor said I have perfected tricking people into thinking I was okay. He was actually rather astounded and shocked that I hadn't been diagnosed previously on the many times my father sent me to them. If you look back at my journals they seem more or less followable, they make sense and have a few topics in each one. But you should see me write one, my jesus. I have to keep clicking up and down the page so I can add in bits. I start writing about one things and then think of another and swap further down the page or back up to where that topic is. I'm not happy to admit it but for about 3 years of my life my father had to literally force me to shower. I do have delusions, lets face it my judgement on some of the things I've done is not good. I'm paranoid all the time, I've known about my depression for years, I can never remember things and my attention span is something to be desired. It also explains my occasional and random outbursts of anger and my violent actions at times. Hopefully now that I know what it is I can learn how to live with it. There isn't really a way to cure schizophrenia.

On a happier note, I got into the college I wanted to, and I start this Thursday :) I know alot of you aren't from Britian, but at the end of our highschool years at the age of 16 we do these exams called GCSE's that determine whether we get into college and I got 4 A's 6 B's and a C :3 Which is well above average, especially since most people only come out with 9 GCSE's or less and I am coming out with 11 ^^ I'm going to be studying English Language, Psychology, Sociology and Art & Design. So hopefully I should have drawings and shizznizz to show you all soon.

I hope you're all doing GREAT :') If any of you want to speak to me more, since I seem to be so little on here, I have contact things on my profile to facebook. If you want to add me go ahead, just send me a message at the same time telling me what your DA username is so I know who you are, or you won't be added :(

Love you all!!

Sphinx (AKA JetBlackHeartxxx)

R.I.P Charlotte Mary-Anne Hazel 01/01/1997 - 06/12/12

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